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Unless otherwise noted, these work in all modern browsers, and IE9+. You can extend support back further with polyfills.

Inline Styles

Get and set inline styles for an element.

var elem = document.querySelector('#sandwich');

// Get a style
// If this style is not set as an inline style directly on the element, it returns an empty string
// ex. <div id="sandwich" style="background-color: green"></div>
var bgColor =; // this will return "green"
var fontWeight =; // this will return ""

// Set a style = 'purple';

Works back to at least IE6.

Computed Styles

Get the actual computed style of an element. This factors in browser default stylesheets as well as external styles you’ve specified.

var elem = document.querySelector('#some-elem');
var bgColor = window.getComputedStyle(elem).backgroundColor;