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Replace a portion of text in a string with something else. The String.replace() method accepts two arguments: the string to find, and the string to replace it with.

let text = 'I love Cape Cod potato chips!';

// returns "I love Lays potato chips!"
text.replace('Cape Cod', 'Lays');

By default, the String.replace() method replaces the first match. To replace all matches, you’ll need to pass in a regular expression with the global flag (g).

let chips = 'Cape Cod potato chips are my favorite brand of chips.';

// Only replaces the first instance of the word "chips"
chips.replace('chips', 'deep fried potato slices');

// Replaces all instances of the word "chips"
chips.replace(new RegExp('chips', 'g'), 'deep fried potato slices');