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HTML & Text


Get and set the HTML content including an element. This works the same as Element.innerHTML, but includes the element itself when getting and updating HTML content.

<div class="greeting">
	<p>Hello world!</p>
let greeting = document.querySelector('.greeting');

// Get HTML content
// returns "<div class="greeting"><p>Hello world!</p></div>"
let html = greeting.outerHTML;

// Set HTML content
// This completely replaces the <div class="greeting"></div> element and all of its content
greeting.outerHTML = '<p class="outro">Goodbye, friend! <a href="exit.html">Click here to leave.</a>';

// Add HTML after the element (and outside of it)
greeting.outerHTML += ' Add this after what is already there.';

// Add HTML before the element (and outside of it)
greeting.outerHTML = 'We can add this to the beginning. ' + greeting.innerHTML;