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Project Ideas

The best way to learn JavaScript is by writing lots of code, but coming up with ideas for projects can be hard. Here’s a short list to get you started.

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  1. A show-and-hide/accordion script
  2. Toggle password visibility with a checkbox
  3. An app that converts Farenheit to Celcius and back
  4. Display a random image or quote using a free API
  5. Pull in a list of today’s top stories from the New York Times API
  6. Count the number of words and characters in a block of text
  7. Get a visitor’s location and display their local weather
  8. A toggle tab plugin
  9. An image lazy loader
  10. Automatically save form data as you type
  11. Update a progress bar as you complete fields in a form
  12. Filter a list of items using checkboxes (like on a shopping website)
  13. Display a preview of content typed into a text field
  14. A countdown timer
  15. A todo list app
  16. An app to randomly choose from a list

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