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Truncate content after a certain number of words.

 * Truncate content after a certain number of words
 * (c) 2017 Chris Ferdinandi, MIT License,
 * @param  {Node}   elem     The element whose content you want to truncate
 * @param  {Limit}  integer  The number of words to limit the content to
 * @param  {String} after    Any content to add after the truncated text (optional)
var truncate = function (elem, limit, after) {

	// Make sure an element and number of items to truncate is provided
	if (!elem || !limit) return;

	// Get the inner content of the element
	var content = elem.textContent.trim();

	// Convert the content into an array of words
	// Remove any words above the limit
	content = content.split(' ').slice(0, limit);

	// Convert the array of words back into a string
	// If there's content to add after it, add it
	content = content.join(' ') + (after ? after : '');

	// Inject the content back into the DOM
	elem.textContent = content;