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Replace placeholder variables with real content. Requires the get() helper function as a dependency.

Works in all modern browsers, and at least back to IE9.

 * Replaces placeholders with real content
 * Requires get() -
 * (c) 2019 Chris Ferdinandi, MIT License,
 * @param {String} template The template string
 * @param {String} local    A local placeholder to use, if any
var placeholders = function (template, data) {

	'use strict';

	// Check if the template is a string or a function
	template = typeof (template) === 'function' ? template() : template;
	if (['string', 'number'].indexOf(typeof template) === -1) throw 'PlaceholdersJS: please provide a valid template';

	// If no data, return template as-is
	if (!data) return template;

	// Replace our curly braces with data
	template = template.replace(/\{\{([^}]+)\}\}/g, function (match) {

		// Remove the wrapping curly braces
		match = match.slice(2, -2);

		// Get the value
		var val = get(data, match.trim());

		// Replace
		if (!val) return '{{' + match + '}}';
		return val;


	return template;