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Apply a CSS animation to an element.

 * Apply a CSS animation to an element
 * (c) 2021 Chris Ferdinandi, MIT License,
 * @param  {Node}    elem      The element to animate
 * @param  {String}  animation The type of animation to apply
 * @param  {Boolean} hide      If true, apply the [hidden] attribute after the animation is done
function animate (elem, animation, hide) {

	// If there's no element or animation, do nothing
	if (!elem || !animation) return;

	// Remove the [hidden] attribute

	// Apply the animation

	// Detect when the animation ends
	elem.addEventListener('animationend', function endAnimation (event) {

		// Remove the animation class

		// If the element should be hidden, hide it
		if (hide) {
			elem.setAttribute('hidden', 'true');

		// Remove this event listener
		elem.removeEventListener('animationend', endAnimation, false);

	}, false);