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Settings and Options

Let users pass in options to customize the script. Works with any of the patterns.

The example below uses a simple function, but this approach can be used with revealing module patterns, constructors, and UMD.

Note: the Object.assign() method requires a polyfill.


	message: 'Hi, universe!'

	selector: '#message'

The Boilerplate

 * Settings and Options Boilerplate
 * (c) 2019 Chris Ferdinandi, MIT License,
var sayHi = function (options) {

	'use strict';

	// Default settings
	var defaults = {
		message: 'Hello, world!',
		selector: '#app'

	// Merge user options into defaults
	var settings = Object.assign({}, defaults, options);

	// Do something...
	// Here's an example

	// Get an element and show the message
	var app = document.querySelector(settings.selector);
	if (app) {
		app.textContent = settings.message;