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Revealing Module Pattern

Allows you to keep most of your variables and functions out of the global scope, but make some of them publicly available.

Example: a helper library like lodash.

Change MyLibrary to whatever namespace you’d like to use for your library.



The Boilerplate

 * Revealing Module Pattern Boilerplate
let MyLibrary = (function () {

	// This variable is scoped internally
	// It can't be accessed externally
	let name = 'Wall-E';

	// This is returned at the end and can be run externally
	function sayHi () {
		console.log(`Hi ${name}`);

	// This can also be run externally
	function sayBye () {
		console.log(`Bye ${name}`);

	// Return and functions and variables that should be accessible externally
	return {sayHi, sayBye};