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A set of templates to help you kick-start your next JavaScript project.

  • IIFE. Used when you want your code to run immediately, but want to keep all of your variables and functions scoped to avoid conflicts. Stands for Immediately Invoked Function Expression.
  • Revealing Module Pattern. Allows you to keep most of your variables and functions out of the global scope, but make some of them publicly available. Example: a helper library like lodash.
  • Constructor Pattern. Create multiple instances of script that share methods but contain unique information. Example: a piggy bank library.
  • Class Pattern. An alternative approach to implementing the constructor pattern, with a nicer syntax and some additional features. Example: a piggy bank library.
  • Service Worker. Middleware that lets you intercept requests and responses to your site, cache assets, provide offline experiences, and more.
  • Web Component. A way to define reusable custom HTML elements, with built-in styles and interactivity. Example: a loading icon.